Tales Of Lusty Wickedness

or wicked lustiness

Grace Update: She will be working half days this week, then full time after that. She seems to be healing up at the proper pace and is in less pain every day, although she did have a bout of food poisoning on Sunday night and Monday morning.

And now, today’s Doclopedia entry

The Doclopedia #370

First Contact/Last Contact: The Starship “Lewis & Clark” Meets Patra IV

The planet Patra IV was one of several very Earthlike planets discovered between 2015 and 2022 using the Sagan space telescope. All observations pointed to Patra IV (which was 196 light years from Earth) being about the same size as Earth, having a similar atmosphere and nearly as much surface water. It became the main focus of extra solar exploration for the next 60 years.

In 2080, the Jump Drive was perfected and construction of the Lewis & Clark, a joint venture between the United States and China, was begun. The half mile long starship was completed nine years later and left our solar system the year after that, on May 17th, 2090.

Thanks to the Jump Drive, the ship arrived at Patra IV two years later, on July 11th, 2092. Thirty robotic probes about the size of refrigerators were sent down to every region of the planet. They sent back reports that told of a breathable atmosphere, incredibly varied plant and animal life and best of all, no pathogens or civilizations that might debilitate or kill humans. Satisfied with these reports, an Away Team went down to the planet to get a first hand look.

Then the planet and it’s life forms killed them within 5 minutes. A massive blast of some unknown form of energy destroyed the “Lewis & Clark” 35 minutes later.

Fortunately, the ships crew were able to send one last message back to Earth, telling them that readings had suddenly shown that the entire ecosystem of the planet seemed to be in some form of linked mental/psychic harmony. The robots, being mere metal, had been ignored, but the humans had been treated like a an invading disease organism. Scientist back on Earth concluded that the starship had probably been swatted like a mosquito.

The United Nations placed a permanent ban on anyone ever going back to the Patra system. This remains in force these 240 years later.

One comment on “Tales Of Lusty Wickedness

  1. Avis says:

    Food poisoning? Poor Grace!

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