The Rare And Beautiful Dancing Flea Beetles Of Potawango Island

…such beautiful choreography

I am sorely tempted to take a couple more staycation days next month. There’s a bunch of stuff what needs to be done around the old homestead. Of course, I could also do some writing, too.

Here is the final Doclopedia entry for this week, folks! Enjoy it and PLEASE comment on these things.

The Doclopedia #371

First Contact/Last Contact: The Skwinnik Meet Humans

Three hundred million Skwinnik came to Earth with superior technology and a big hunger for tasty human flesh. Humans had far superior numbers and a deadly lust for that superior technology. The fight was on and it was bloody. It turned out that the two sides were pretty evenly matched after a few weeks.

Except that both species each carried disease organisms fatal to the other. By the time they realized this, they were dropping fast. A few Skwinnik managed to get back to their homeworld, which pretty much sealed their species fate. Humans likewise died out completely.

A few decades later, if you could have asked them, you’d have found that the other species on both worlds were pretty happy with the way things turned out.


2 comments on “The Rare And Beautiful Dancing Flea Beetles Of Potawango Island

  1. Avis says:

    Well, dang!

  2. Doc Cross says:

    Your succinct comment cracked me up, Avy:)

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