Bucky & Squint Are The New Black

…no, I don’t know what it means

UPDATES!: Grace’s arm is healing up nicely and she can sleep on her back now, although not for too long…I got one of my slightly less than every two years royalty checks from Steve Jackson Games. $29.99! It will go into the DunDraCon fund…Speaking of DunDraCon, I may run an extra official game there, due to them having made the con longer and needing more GMs.

And now, we finish up Great Junkyards week. Next week, our theme is Drunken Inventors.

The Doclopedia #374

Great Junkyards: The People’s Glorious Recycling Center At Jhingtao

And so it came to pass that 100 years after the Communist Chinese conquered the world, the Great Time Of Shortages arrived. With a world population of 12.5 billion and no more easily (or even not so easily) extracted oil or other fuels and mines of all sorts pretty much played out, recycling became not just a good idea, it became a very strictly enforced law. Recycling centers were set up everywhere and they ran 24/7. The largest of these was set up outside Jhingtao City (formerly known as San Antonio, Texas).

Covering an area of just over 1,200 square miles, it is the largest recycling facility in the world. It employs just about a quarter of a million people and recycles everything that can be recycled, including human bodies. The corpses of all deceased humans and animals are brought here where they are efficiently ground up, mixed with other compostable materials and then trucked off to the worm farms where the mix is turned into worm castings (and more worms), a valuable and nutrient packed fertilizer used in the People’s Great Solar Tower Gardens all over the North American region, thus supplying workers with their daily ration of food.

Rumors that the insignificant and powerless anti-communist resistance, which is in reality nothing more than a band of hoodlums who have decided to become the People’s Enemy, have been looting Jhingtao Center for weapons and technology are false. The People’s Security Agency assures one and all that no forays have been made into any recycling centers. They also caution against spreading such rumors and urge the reporting of anyone who does so.


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