Sects & Vile Inns

…I have no shame

Doc Update

1: As this post proves, my attempt to do general blogging on a regular schedule is failing miserably.

2: On the other hand, the fiction blog is getting new posts 6 days a week.

3: I’ll be having another 4 day staycation from October 22-25. The theme of this one is “Rearrange and Organize, then Write More”. We’ll see how that goes.

4: Spinach, lettuce & winter veg in the ground this weekend, you bet!

5: Is there anything you, Gentle Readers, whould like to see me blog about? That is, assuming you are even reading this, let alone commenting. Which you are not. Commenting, I mean.

And now, time for some of that fiction writing. More blogging here soon.


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