The Seven Things You Must Always Do When Being Chased By A Dinosaur

…#2 Run faster

Another Saturday Night And I Ain’t Got No Money

Jeez, has it actually been a week since I last posted on here? Apparently, my writing mojo has really fallen down and can’t get up.

The diet goes well. No idea how much I actually weighed when I started, but I’m guessing 295. Saturday is my designated “sin” day, so I ate Cocoa Krispies for brekky and a big plate of Grace’s goulash for dinner. No lunch, because I forgot and because my stomach has shrunk a bit so as to feel full longer and I had the brekky at about 11:30 this morning. Tomorrow, it’s back on the Diet Train.

It looks as though the Drama Demon has decided to finally to move on to another house (hopefully that of the dickhead next door) to dispense his lifestyle disrupting seeds. All of our health meters seem to be in the “Pretty Good, Considering” area and there has not been any rushing to the ER in a week. This is good news, since Grace is pretty much out of sick days at work.

So, about my mising mojo…I dunno exactly what to do. I’ve been rather tired and stressed this last two weeks and have done fuck all writingwise. One person told me it might be delayed burnout after writing for a year straight, but I took about 3 weeks off before restarting and I was down to just 6 days a week. I’m thinking the whole deal with Grace being emotionally wonky during her busted arm weeks had a bigger effect on me than I thought. I sort of got worn down.

I’m gonna have to get back on the horse one way or another, so it’s probably best just to start pounding the keyboard and see what oozes out of my brain. Maybe I’ll drop to 4 days a week for a bit. Dog knows I have plenty of Doclopedia themes and fiction ideas to choose from.

Well, I’m sleepy and ready for bed, so I’ll end this post. See y’all on the other side.

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  1. Avis says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve had a lot to deal with. Yeah, just write anything for now – it’ll come back.

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