A Bad Time For Writing

…or anything else

Re-posted from the fiction blog

So here’s how it goes. Starting with Grace breaking her arm in mid August, stress and bad luck have pretty much set up shop in the Cross household. Being homebound for most of 8 weeks was pretty hard on Grace and, by extension, me. By mid October things looked like they might pick up a bit, but my writing mojo was shot and financial troubles (which we have had for the last several years) were not helping things any.

Then, soon after I started NaNoWriMo, an old shoulder injury flared up and took me first off work for three days, then for two weeks which I an right in the middle of. On top of all that, daylight savings time and the dismal & overcast fall/winter weather have teamed up to make my Seasonal Affective Disorder worse than it has been in years.

Oh yeah, and I had a cold or allergy for about 10 days.

So, Gentle Readers, it may be awhile before I do another post here or on my fiction blog, so bear with me. I’m still posting stuff on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll get back to things as soon as I can. Thanks for being patient.


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