Drunken Guinea Pigs Trampled My Chamomile

…and they laughed while doing it!

On Tuesday, I should be going back to work after a nearly three week hiatus due to my fucked up shoulder. This comes not a moment to soon, since both boredom and daytime television were slowly sucking away my sanity. Jesus Christ on a surfboard, who programs the shit on daytime tv? I guess I can be thankful that most of the soap operas are gone, but the fucking third string talk shows and various “Judge” shows are enough to make a good person want to kill.

Also, not getting my usual overtime pay sucks pretty hard.

In other news, I’m finally going to put a “For Sale” sign on our non-functioning Honda CRV. I wish we could keep it, but repairs and insurance ans shit on two cars would be hell. Besides, it’s a 10 year old car with over 200,000 miles on it and was starting to nickel & dime us to death. If we sell it, we can pay up most of our bills to current and that will make for a merry Xmas.

More bloggage later.

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