Now We Are Five

…because Sasha has come to stay

Doc, Grace, Lucy & Winker Cross are happy to announce the adoption of Miss Sasha Jane Cross as of 12:30 pm, Jan. 2nd, 2012.

Sasha is 3 year old, red and white Basset Hound. Her previous mom & dad both work and have a 10 month old son, so they were unable to give her the attention she deserved. She is very healthy, although a tad on the skinny side. She is a very sweet girl, who seems to have no problems with her new sisters. She is whining a bit right now, because Grace left to get her a new collar and an ID tag.

Winker, and especially Lucy (our sweet little bag of neuroses), seem to be taking this new sister adoption pretty well. We have no doubt that they will soon be plotting mischief together.

Pictures of Sasha will go online soon, as will her Dogbook page.

Added note: Oddly, this is the second time we have adopted a new dog on the anniversary of the death of an old dog. Daisy left us three years ago today.

And now, your daily (we hope) does of fiction!


After The Change Came: Series 2

Sin And Filling You In

Hello there! Man, I’ve been a busy bee since my last post. As I mentioned, I’m an artist and most of what I’m doing lately involves painting murals on the inner and outer walls of the homes of Mages. My latest client is Mage Daphne out in Davis, California. Her thing (and all mages have a “thing”) is butterflies and flowers and her house is shaped like a vase full of assorted flowers with butterflies on them. It’s a big place, with 11 rooms in it, many of them with more than four walls. So far, I’m up to room #7 and when I’m done, I may never paint another damned butterfly as long as I live.

I got a few e-mails and v-mails asking for updates on various folks that Doc wrote about, so here you go.

Doc, as I stated last time, has a lot on his plate and he’s getting pretty twitchy. Every so often, I haul him off to go fishing and sampling various alcoholic beverages, which calms him down for a few days. Later this month, I’m going up north to Arcata with him on a combined Diplomatic mission/crab trapping trip.

Grace, bless her Gaia representing heart, is both the most beautiful and the healthiest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. And that glow that Green Women give off is something to see. I was visiting one night and she went walking in the garden and she looked like some chlorophyll laced ghost. She has told us that the babies will be born on February, 14th, thus allowing the happy family to be at Dundracon on the 18th and proving that even Green Ladies can be big ol’ gaming geeks.

Lily has had her 13th birthday and has started high school. It’s a big indication of how much the Change really changed things when you find out that she loves it. When I was her age, I went to the coolest school on Earth…so cool it was the basis for a certain fictional school for Wizards & Witches…and it still sucked swamp water. But then again, I was just a boy, not a totally cute catgirl with a gaggle of friends, most of whom aren’t human.

Roscoe got married to Gigi in a very nice little ceremony attended by about 30 humanoids and 250 dogs, cats and other assorted Smart Animals (including four elephants). The house Doc had built for them is about a hundred yards behind Chez Cross and is very cute. Gigi had the puppies (April, May, June and Nick) 16 weeks ago and they are at about the same stage of mental development that 6 month old human would be at. They are also too cute for words.

Avis and Daniel had not planned a really huge wedding, but it’s working out that way. I really don’t know what they expected, since both of them have friends and business clients all over the world and up in space. The wedding will take place in the early spring in Hawaii and Doc has told them that he will foot the bill for the reception. Details of said reception to remain secret, save to say that I’m helping him plan it.

So there y’all go, an update on the major players hereabouts. I’ll blog more later after I go paint some more damned butterflies.


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