My Other Dog Is An Ankylosaurus

…and nobody wants to pet him

The Doclopedia # 396

The Alphabet, Again: B is for…Banana Plague

This deadly plague got named for the fact that in the final stages of it, the victim’s skin would turn bright yellow just before it began pealing off the body in large strips. This was a terrifying thing to see and was quickly followed by the death of the nearly skinless victim.

The Banana Plague was unleashed when an accident released it from a secret Soviet biological weapons lab in Cuba. It killed an estimated 25,000 Cubans in the first two weeks. Carried by refugees to North, Central and South America (who were unaware of what was going on), it killed 2.3 million people there, plus another 4.6 million in Europe and Asia.

A vaccine was finally perfected in March of 1978 and distributed worldwide. There have been no outbreaks anywhere since July of 1981.


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