R.I.P. Winker Sue Cross (2004-2012)

…our sweet little Winkerdog

Yesterday, February 23, 2012, at 9:30 pm we said goodbye to Winker. After pulling through from congestive heart failure brought on by her enlarged heart almost exactly a year ago, she had a relapse that we could do nothing about. She died at home, on the floor next to Grace’s chair, not long after Grace had petted and talked to her.

Even though, from the very day we adopted her 5+ years ago, we knew this day would come, it still came way to soon.

The best veterinarians in the world, at UC Davis, had looked Winker over back then so the Yolo County SPCA could put her up for adoption. They determined that she had a pretty severe heart murmur, which besides precluding ever putting her under anesthesia also meant that she had slim odds of living the average Basset Hound lifespan of 10-12 years. Besides all of that, she had slightly deformed front legs and her skull was not up to Basset standards. Also, she had lost one eye as a puppy. A pretty hard life for a dog who was barely 3 years old.

But when Grace and I saw her picture online, we knew we had to give this sweet little girl a loving home. We adopted her knowing that she was living on borrowed time.

Winker turned out to be one of the sweetest tempered, friendliest and most loving dogs I’ve ever known. She liked everyone and was always wanting to say hello to people, animals, whatever. She did not have a mean bone in her body. Everybody liked her.

She was our little comedian, our rowdy little wrassler, our little sneak thief and our baby.

She was our Winkerdog and we will always love her and miss her.

Goodbye, Winker. You were a very good girl.

Time For Time Off

This blog is on a short hiatus due to family problems and health issues. I will try to get back to it as soon as I am able.


It Was Time For Hot Chocolate And Bourbon

…together in a large mug

Doc Update

1: Dundracon was great. Was going to write a report here, but…

…2: Winker is not feeling well at all. It’s her heart acting up again.

3: Healthwise, I’m doing ok, but I’m back on the Diet Train.

4: I’ll do Doclopedia entries tonight or tomorrow.

More blogging later.

The Journal Of The Royal Society Of Stuffy Old Gents

…harrumph! I say!

The Doclopedia #413

The Alphabet, Again: G is for…Guys Wearing Floppy Hats

Guys Wearing Floppy Hats (GWFH) was one of the hottest musical groups of the 1980’s. They had a string of hits beginning with “You Can Wear My Hat” and peaking with “Big & Floppy”. They deftly combined swing, disco & polka music with a rowdy and energetic stage show. During their 1985 “Hats On Fire” tour, they filled the biggest stadiums to capacity and played 300 dates in 365 days.

Sadly, the group totally lost their audience when psychedelic classical rap music started appearing. Their last performance was in 1990 at the Tequila-A-Go-Go in Ojai, California. Since then, most of the band has gone into accounting, except Jimmy “Ed” Cobalt, who became a used car salesman.


Please Deposit $100,000.00 For This Post

…even if only a couple of you do it, I’m debt free

YOW! I’m not fully packed up for Dundracon yet, plus there are about 35 gazillion things to do here at The D&G Home for Spoiled Hounds. See, this is why I have to take blood pressure pills.

At any rate, I found time to do a Doclopedia post, because I live only to see your smiles, Gentle Readers.

The Doclopedia #412

The Alphabet, Again: G is for… Gold Rock Kid

In March of 1851, the young masked outlaw known as the Gold Rock Kid committed his first known crime by robbing the gold shipment heading out from Gold Rock, California, to San Francisco. He and his gang of four other masked men got away with just shy of $50,000 worth of gold bars. When the stage coach driver asked him his name, he said “just call me the Gold Rock Kid”.

Over the next 5 years, the Gold Rock Kid and his gang robbed 12 gold shipments on stage coaches and 4 more on trains. Crack shots every one, the gang almost never had to kill anyone, instead being satisfied with shooting the guns from the hands of the guards. The only two times they ever killed anyone were when Flatface Jordan, a stage driver much given to drink, let his hot temper get the better of him and when Matt Cannon, noted gun for hire, told the Kid to throw down. In general, most of the guards & drivers involved in the robberies said that the Kid and his gang were pretty polite and respectful. Rumors that the gang tossed a few bars of gold to their victims were never proven, but widely suspected.

The Gold Rock Kid was last seen riding away from the Mother Lode Special after robbing the train, the owner of the railroad and several other prominent businessmen of every penny he could find. Also on the train was the beautiful daughter of the owner of the largest bank in the United States. Although it was reported that the Kid kidnapped her, it is pretty well known that kidnap victims do not laugh and kiss their kidnappers before jumping into the saddle of an extra horse and riding away.

No member of the gang or the young lady were ever seen again.

However, in 1928, 95 year old Gilbert Pattson, a prominent businessman and four time mayor of Yuma, Arizona, told reporters that he had been a member of the Gold Rock Gang and that the Kid and his bride had assumed new identities and traveled the world for several years before returning to the United States and raising a family. He did not disclose their names or any other information about them before he died a month later.

Perky Twits

…everybody hates them

The Doclopedia #411

The Alphabet, Again: F is for…Feline Telekinesis Syndrome

What is Feline Telekinesis Syndrome?: Although not fully understood by the scientific and medical establishment, it appears that FTS causes cats to manifest the ability to move things merely by thinking of it. In most cases, the afflicted cat can only move things weighing a few ounces and can only move them a few inches. In a very few cases, certain cats have shown much more powerful abilities, such as the Maine Coon cat that belonged to a family in San Ysidro, California. On two occasions, this cat held the families Yorkshire terrier a full 18 inches above the floor for a full minute and a half.

FTS usually pops up in about 1 cat in 1,000, most often in either very old or very young cats. It seldom lasts for more than six months. No breed of cat is more likely than another to develop it. Sex makes no difference, although it does appear to afflict females more than males. It only affects pet cats who spend most of their time indoors.

Is FTS dangerous to my cat?: No, it is not, nor is it generally dangerous to anyone else. Most cats seem to only it to pull food off of counters or to steal toys from other pets.

Is there a way to protect my cat from getting it?: Not at this time.

Is FTS related to Canine Teleportation Syndrome?: There is some evidence that it might be, since you often find pets with both syndromes in the same house, bu so far, nobody knows for sure.

The 13 Things You Never Want Have In Your Pants

…#6: Weasels!

A Call For Suggestions

Gentle Readers,

I need your help with the Doclopedia. In a couple of months, I want to do between 30 and 60 posts on the theme of “Subject Line Madness”, in which each entry will expand upon some of the nearly 2,000 (actually, by then, over 2,000) subject lines/titles I’ve used on my blogs over the last 8 years. Back on Live Journal (before it went down the tubes) I used to do annual Subject Line recaps every January.

Here is where you can find them in the archives…

2004 Subject Lines: Jan 8 & 9, 2005

2005 Subject Lines: Jan 1, 2006

2006 Subject Lines: Jan 4-8, 2007

2007 Subject Lines: Jan 5, 2008

2008 Subject Lines: Jan 22nd, 24th & 26th, 2009

2009 Subject Lines: Jan, 1-3, 2010

I didn’t do recaps for 2010 or 2011, so you can either search by month, wait for the list for those years or say screw it and just look through the lists above. Do note that these recaps contain my comments on the subject lines, so you might get caught up reading them.

Any suggestions I choose to use will get the name of the suggester prominently displayed on the post.

Thanks a bunch, folks.

Your Humble Author


After The Change Came: Series 2

Sin And So Long For Now

Ok, my friends, it’s time to bring this blog to an end for now. I’ve got about fifty million things to do before my month in Wizard time and I’ll be lucky to get half of them finished in time. Beyond the Wizard painting gig, Uncle Sin has been invited to accompany a lady friend on an extended European tour, so that will eat up another 6 months or so. Of course, I’ll pop back from Europe for the wedding of Avis & Daniel, but there won’t be any more blogging from me until maybe next winter.

Just to update everybody, Grace and the twins are doing great. Doc wanders around with a goofyass grin on his face all the time and Lily has gone into “OMG, the twins are SO cute!” mode. Actually, so have Roscoe & GiGi and most of the rest of the family & friends.

Speaking of Roscoe, he has made vague reference to doing some blogging of his own, so you may see him taking up the duties here after the puppies are a few months older. Right now, he has his paws full just keeping them from running Gigi ragged.

Well, it has been great fun blogging at you all and I hope to do more somewhere down the line, Until we meet again, good luck and keep your stockings straight.