The Rare And Butt Ugly Big Faced Mink Of Potawango Island

…they tend to mate in the dark

The Doclopedia #398

The Alphabet, Again: B is for…Breezy Gap

The tiny town of Breezy Gap, Kentucky, is notable for exactly one reason: Not only has nothing strange ever happened there, nothing strange can happen there. In a world where superheroes fight giant monsters, supervillains and alien invaders on a regular basis, none of these fights have ever passed within a mile of Breezy Gap. When the dead rose up as zombies back in 1973, there was one place in the U.S. that never even saw one: Breezy Gap. The Vampire Chipmunk incident of 1946? Wiped out nearby Gomerville, but folks in the Gap didn’t hear about it until much later. The famous Rain of Guppies that circled the planet three times in a month? Breezy Gap remained dry and guppy free.

Nobody can explain why the town is immune from strangeness, but that hasn’t stopped the U.S. Department of Weird Shit from putting it’s headquarters there. Meanwhile, the folks who live in Breezy Gap think everybody else is just a little too nervous and maybe a tad crazy.


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