Drugged Up Kakapos Bitchslapped My Dormouse

…he was traumatized by it

400th Doclopedia post below. Commentary below it.

The Doclopedia #400

The Alphabet, Again: C is for…Chocolate Trees

On no less that 15 alternate Earths, chocolate…processed, ready to eat chocolate…actually grows on trees. These trees grow best in temperate zones, which means that the vast bulk of the world’s chocolate comes from North America. The best dark chocolate comes from Canada, while the United states produces semi-dark and milk chocolate.

The trees strongly resemble pines, but are not evergreen or conifers. They grow to a maximum height of 30 feet and have a maximum limb spread of 20 feet. They prefer slightly acidic and well drained soil. They do not benefit from heavy fertilization. Many people have a chocolate tree ot two in their yards.

The chocolate is produced inside hard shelled pods about the size of coconuts. When fully ripe, these pods drop to the ground and are ready to harvest. After harvest, it is a simple matter to crack the pod, melt and recast the chocolate, wrap it up and ship it off to chocolate lovers everywhere.

400 Posts?

Wow! That right there is milestone alright. just over a year ago, I was doubting that I’d even reach 300. Of course, 400 is less than halfway to my 12 month goal of reaching post 893, but it’s a good marker. It’s also proof that I do in fact possess at least a tiny bit of discipline where writing is concerned.

Anyway, onward to post #500, sometime in May!


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