A Poem About Dancing Elk

…because they deserve it

The Doclopedia #401

The Alphabet, Again
: C is for…Czinnlik

Czinnlik is a planet orbiting the binary star system Yarvax 9. Due to the two suns being rather small and not too hot, there is a rather large zone where planets can support life. Czinnlik is one of three planets in this zone and is by far the largest, measuring approximately 1.25 times the size of Earth.

Czinnlik has a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere and is covered over 70% of its surface by shallow seas and swamps. Humans have settled near these swamps in order to grow and harvest giant swamp tulips, from which they make a powder called Oomroo Dust. This substance is then used to flavor a wide variety of foodstuffs on hundreds of worlds.

The next largest industry on Czinnlik is mining, which can only be done in the few ancient mountain ranges near the poles. The main elements mined are copper, silver and diamonds. The diamonds generally run large, 100 to 300 carats each.

The greatest hazard to human life on the planet has got to be the annual hatching of Giant Mudhoppers. Weighing in at around 1,500 each pounds at hatching, you do not want to be outside the domed cities when the hundreds of thousands of hatchlings migrate to the swamps from their dry land birthplace. Add in the fact that enormous flying Lizardbats eat the Giant Mudhoppers and you can see why humans stay in the domes for three weeks every spring.


After The Change Came: Series 2

Sin On The Run

Just another quick post before I run out to start getting things ready for Doc’s birthday bash on Saturday (his actual birthday is on Sunday, the 29th). It will be a double whammy this year, with an afternoon foodfest attended by at least 90 people, then a most likely long evening of playing in an exclusive beta test of the new “Pellucidar” MMORPG. Doc and the rest of us are all cranked up about that because it’s a game that actually requires Dream Draught to enjoy, so it will be hyper-realistic. Oooh, just thinking about that upward curving horizon and all of those dinosaurs and primitive races makes me all goose pimply! Edgar Rice Burroughs was The Man!

In other news, I’m going to a new stylist tomorrow to get my hair cut, colored and styled. I’m told she’s very good. I’ve been a blond long enough. Time to be a sexy redhead for awhile! Not sure if I’ll get my nails done there or go to Rene, my usual nail lady. In clothing news, I’ll be wearing one of my new Michu outfits at the party on Sunday, so if you see me, you may want to stand way back, because I’ll be white hot, baby. I won’t be bringing a date, so it’s first come, first served, ladies

Must go now. More posts soon.


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