Doc Tempest: The City Dies At Dawn

…from the 1999 graphic novel

The Doclopedia #405

The Alphabet, Again: D is for…Dragontooth

Dragontooth is a legendary sword made from, you guessed it, a real dragon tooth. After being taken from the mouth of a recently slain dragon, the tooth had many sorcerous spell laid upon it. It was then given to skilled Gnomish craftsmen who fashioned it into a truly amazing sword loaded with special powers.

The person using Dragontooth is nearly invincible and can withstand all extremes of temperature. They age very slowly and remain young looking throughout their lives. The sword itself is unbreakable and sharp enough to cut through steel.

Once a day, the sword can be made to teleport itself and the owner to a place of safety at least 100 miles from where they were. Once a month, it can be used to summon and control a fully grown dragon.

The Doclopedia #406

The Alphabet, Again: E is for…EK387-B

EK387-B, or Ek for short, is a Helperdroid on the “Boron” space colony that is now leaving the orbit of Saturn on it’s journey to a planet orbiting the star Aloron.

His jobs is primarily the care and wrangling of the stations cattle, which has earned him the nickname “Cowboy Ek”. Playing along with this, Ek uses a vocal matrix based on a combination of Sam Elliot and Gary Cooper. This often gets a laugh, because Ek is built along the lines of an octopus/spider love child. Ek is cool with that and just doffs his ten gallon hat and says “Y’all have a right nice day.”

When he’s not roaming the 200 square miles of pasture that the beef cattle live on, Ek will be in some nearby town doing odd jobs or getting his quarterly tune up. He’ll also spend a little time telling the children exciting tales of the Old West.

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