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At any rate, I found time to do a Doclopedia post, because I live only to see your smiles, Gentle Readers.

The Doclopedia #412

The Alphabet, Again: G is for… Gold Rock Kid

In March of 1851, the young masked outlaw known as the Gold Rock Kid committed his first known crime by robbing the gold shipment heading out from Gold Rock, California, to San Francisco. He and his gang of four other masked men got away with just shy of $50,000 worth of gold bars. When the stage coach driver asked him his name, he said “just call me the Gold Rock Kid”.

Over the next 5 years, the Gold Rock Kid and his gang robbed 12 gold shipments on stage coaches and 4 more on trains. Crack shots every one, the gang almost never had to kill anyone, instead being satisfied with shooting the guns from the hands of the guards. The only two times they ever killed anyone were when Flatface Jordan, a stage driver much given to drink, let his hot temper get the better of him and when Matt Cannon, noted gun for hire, told the Kid to throw down. In general, most of the guards & drivers involved in the robberies said that the Kid and his gang were pretty polite and respectful. Rumors that the gang tossed a few bars of gold to their victims were never proven, but widely suspected.

The Gold Rock Kid was last seen riding away from the Mother Lode Special after robbing the train, the owner of the railroad and several other prominent businessmen of every penny he could find. Also on the train was the beautiful daughter of the owner of the largest bank in the United States. Although it was reported that the Kid kidnapped her, it is pretty well known that kidnap victims do not laugh and kiss their kidnappers before jumping into the saddle of an extra horse and riding away.

No member of the gang or the young lady were ever seen again.

However, in 1928, 95 year old Gilbert Pattson, a prominent businessman and four time mayor of Yuma, Arizona, told reporters that he had been a member of the Gold Rock Gang and that the Kid and his bride had assumed new identities and traveled the world for several years before returning to the United States and raising a family. He did not disclose their names or any other information about them before he died a month later.