The Journal Of The Royal Society Of Stuffy Old Gents

…harrumph! I say!

The Doclopedia #413

The Alphabet, Again: G is for…Guys Wearing Floppy Hats

Guys Wearing Floppy Hats (GWFH) was one of the hottest musical groups of the 1980’s. They had a string of hits beginning with “You Can Wear My Hat” and peaking with “Big & Floppy”. They deftly combined swing, disco & polka music with a rowdy and energetic stage show. During their 1985 “Hats On Fire” tour, they filled the biggest stadiums to capacity and played 300 dates in 365 days.

Sadly, the group totally lost their audience when psychedelic classical rap music started appearing. Their last performance was in 1990 at the Tequila-A-Go-Go in Ojai, California. Since then, most of the band has gone into accounting, except Jimmy “Ed” Cobalt, who became a used car salesman.