The Most Likely Radical, Yet Still All American, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Vanishing Toaster

…co-starring her favorite teacher, Miss Bunwacker

The Doclopedia is BACK! Enjoy, Faithful Readers!

The Doclopedia #414

The Alphabet, Again: G is for…Golden Gate Bridge

Listen, kid, places have power! So do names, especially well known names. When you put them together, a well known place with a powerful name, you’ve got something a wizard can use, if he or she has the right stuff.

The Golden Gate Bridge is exactly one of those places, bet your ass on it. Think about it…iconic structure…very evocative name…one of the best known and most photographed places on earth…and millions of humans drive or walk across it every year. Yeah, that’s how a place builds power. Well, that and all of the suicides.

Oh yeah, sure, every time some poor soul takes the big dive, a good dose of their life force goes into the bridge. By now, for any wizard attuned to sensing arcane energy, that bridge is vibrating like a coked up hummingbird. Tapping into it though, that’s the tough part. Do it wrong and you’ll get blown to little sparkley bits of former wizard. That’s what happened to old Roy Landwell back in 1992, when he was thinking about making a power play on the Council. Looked like a damned Fourth of July celebration.

Now let’s talk about the power of a name like Emperor Norton.

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