Today’s Blog Is Presented In Wide Screen Blog-O-Vision

…with extra terrifying Post-O-Rama!

The Doclopedia #415

The Alphabet, Again: G is for…Ground Shaker

Ground Shakers are the 300 ton helltanks used by the Army of the Americas in their war against Asia United and the Second European Union for the liberation of Africa. These huge tanks, officially known as the H-3 Cybertank, are semi-autonomous and armed with the latest in anti-aircraft and anti-infantry weapons. Foremost among these are the V-666 Hellstorm missile, .80 caliber machine guns loaded with genius bullets, nanofog mines and gamma ray lasers.

These enormous machines are crewed by only three humans and nine MilBots. Survival rates for both humans and bots is a record breaking 75% and will no doubt insure victory for our brave warriors against both the vile Asians and the freedom hating eurotrash!


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