Doc Tempest And The Demon Of The Deep

…from the September, 1956 issue

The Doclopedia #423

The Alphabet, Again: K is for…King Magwon III

His Royal & Exalted Highness, King Magwon the Third, was the ruler of Izvonia from 1109 – 1140 NC (New Calendar), during which time he successfully drove all of the Goblins out of the country and opened up much new land for settlement. That alone would have ensured the love of his people and his place in history, but then he went on to lower taxes and establish public schools, both wildly popular programs. When he stepped down from the throne at age 60, the Izvonian people demanded that a 100 foot tall statue of him be erected outside the palace, where it stands to this day.

After handing the throne over to his daughter, Princess Silda, he spent his remaining years as an explorer, a public speaker and, finally, as a gentleman farmer. He died in the summer of 1202 at the age of 103.

The Doclopedia #424

The Alphabet, Again: K is for…Killer Vacation

Broadcast on the ABN network from September, 2015 to May, 2025, this reality program was exactly what the name implies, a deadly vacation in an exotic locale. The premise was simple: 12 couples would go to a resort, spend the first two weeks getting to know each other, then spend the next 10 weeks killing each other. Killing your partner was forbidden. The surviving couple, or merely the surviving two people, would then split $100,000.00 and be granted immunity from prosecution.

The competition had several very strict rules. First off was no firearms or poisons. Secondly, no killing was allowed between the hours of 10 PM and 8 AM. Third, you could only enlist the aid of the partner you came with. Finally, no animals or innocent people could be harmed. Victims of failed murder attempts would receive the best of medical care and, if they recovered before the season finale, could return to the game if they desired.

Each resort was in a remote location and surrounded by a half mile wide area where killings could also take place. Contestant were required to wear a micro camera during “killing hours”, so viewers could see their actions. During killing hours, the show hosts would hold games and competitions designed to get the couples spread out around the resort grounds. Winning these competitions would gain the contestants prizes ranging from knowledge of hidden weapons to immunity from being killed for 24 hours.

During the shows ten year run, the most popular form of murder was by blunt instrument, closely followed by stabbing and strangulation by hand or garrote. The least used method was electrocution, but that one instance did kill three people.

Killer Vacation was replaced in the ABN network lineup by Celebrity Fuck Off, which recently completed its seventh year as the number one rated show on television.


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