A Duck Named Chuck Driving A Truck Loaned A Buck To Huck, Who Was Down On His Luck

…but Huck was a schmuck

The Doclopedia #427

The Alphabet, Again: L is for…Lirxorvizl

On the Earth where technology and magic hold equal sway, the insane god Lirxorvizl once tried to destroy all who did not worship him, which would have been pretty much everybody. Fortunately for the people of the world, he only had a chance to destroy about half of the populace of Cambodia before the goddess Feratimba, who was worshiped by about two billion people, smacked his ass down by turning him into a life size (and by life size, we mean 200 feet tall) statue made of ice. In the heat of the Cambodian summer, he still took a week to fully melt. Today, a beautiful statue (only 30 feet high) of Feratimba stands in the same spot and is visited by millions of people each year.

The Doclopedia #428

The Alphabet, Again: M is for…Marsupial Ape

The rare and little seen Marsupial Ape is found only on Mount Kilimanjaro, which in several alternate dimensions is glacier free and heavily forested almost to the summit. Smaller and lighter framed than gorillas, the apes are not true marsupials, but do indeed have a pouch that can hold a single baby for the first 4 months of its life. When not being used to hold young, the pouch is often used to hold fruit and other edibles. Both sexes have the pouch and take turns carrying the baby.

Males of the species are readily identifiable by the white stripe of fur that extends from the bridge of the nose to the nape of the neck. During the primary mating season, the males can also be identified by the exceptionally powerful musky odor they produce, a smell that stimulates the females into a state of high sexual arousal.

The social structure of Marsupial Apes is somewhere between gorillas & bonobos, with a bit less sex as a problem solver. Unlike most other great apes, their society is matriarchal, with males primarily providing protection and food to the females who run things. This may explain why female births outnumber male births 3 to 1.


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