It’s All Fun & Games Until Somebody Blinks

…DON’T BLINK! (if you’re not a Doctor Who fan, you won’t get it)

The Doclopedia #428

The Alphabet, Again: M is for…Monster Island

A great many other Earths have a place called Monster Island, but they vary quite a bit as to geography, topography and exactly what kind of “monsters”, if any, you’ll find there. Below, a few examples…

On at least 7 worlds, Monster Island is where the Japanese have managed, with varying degrees of success, to corral Godzilla, Rodan & friends. In our world, this only happens in the movies.

On 3 different fantasy based Earths, Monster Island is the near mythical spawning grounds for all of the rarest, strangest and most deadly forms of monster. On two of them, the island is near 100 miles across and covered with ancient temperate forests. On the third, the island is half that size and mostly mountainous rocky desert.

The CatEarth Monster Island is located way out in the remote South Pacific and is the final home of the dogasaurs, those enormous ancient creatures that died out everywhere else 65 million years ago. The island, measuring 150 miles across and 225 miles long, is mostly a high plateau with forests and prairies. The lowlands surrounding that area are jungles and swamps.

Just to show that “monsters” are in the eye of the beholder, on 4 Zombie Earths, Monster Island is where they have contained the living humans that are so dangerous to zombie society. Oddly, this island would be New Zealand on our world.

On 3 Earths with superheroes, various Monster Islands are prisons for supervillains, killer robots, alien invaders and the like. One of these islands is Cuba, while the other two are volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Finally, on one of the more or less historical worlds where the Age of Piracy is in full swing, Monster Island is located in the Carribean and is the clever hideout of Captain “Black Dan” O’Dell, his crew and their families. There are indeed monsters on this island, huge 15′ foot tall humanoids that look fierce, but are actually kindly vegetarians. Black Dan and his gang discovered them years ago and taught them how to garden, which they do mostly in the islands interior fields. From time to time, some of the monsters will roam the beaches where they can be seen by passing ships, thus scaring away anyone who is too nosy or looking for Black Dan.

The Doclopedia #429

The Alphabet, Again: M is for…Maximum Hank

In the post apocalyptic hell that is North America on Earth 115, the most dangerous man alive is the one called Maximum Hank. Riding a huge carnivorous mutant goat and armed to the teeth with everything from a battleaxe to a shotgun, he is feared by almost everyone.

Maximum Hank does sometimes help the oppressed, but he’s no hero. He expects payment of some sort and woe unto the person who tries to not pay up. It is said that a village once tried to not pay him, so he killed all of the men, enslaved the women for a year and taught the children to be just like him.

Maximum Hank stands 6’3” tall, has long brown hair, a muscular body covered in scars and usually wears chain mail over leather. His goat, Walter, is the size of a draft horse and seems to have a bionic eye.


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