Liquid Metal Vampire Hunters

…yet another fake anime series

The Doclopedia #432

The Alphabet, Again: N is for…Numb Beans

The beans of the semi-sentient Hunting Lily Vine are the source of a powerful anesthetic that many people find useful. Healers use it to help with pain, mages use it in a variety of spells and assassins use it to mask the painful effects of some poisons.

Collecting the beans, which must be done while they are fresh and green, is not without some peril, since the Hunting Lily Vine has been known to kill and devour creatures twice the size of a man. The best tactic seems to be tossing a couple of goats to the vine, then rushing in to pick the bean pods while it consumes them. Considering how fast a Hunting Lily Vine can eat, using a steer might be a better idea.

The Doclopedia #433

The Alphabet, Again: N is for…Nickel Station

United Earth Deep Space Station #5 (AKA Nickel Station) is located at the outer edge of the Kuiper Belt on a dwarf planet roughly 2/3 the size of Pluto. It is home to 1,500 permanent residents and another 3,500 temporary residents, most of them Spacefleet personnel.

While Nickel Station is a much sought after duty for scientists, it is strictly voluntary duty for most Spacefleet ratings. However, since volunteering for a three year assignment guarantees your next duty station will be one you pick and also comes with double pay, there is never a shortage of volunteers.

The primary duty of the station is scientific observation of the Oort Cloud and Kuiper belt, plus refueling and repair of Spacefleet deep space vessels. They are also a listening post for SETI 4, which has to date located signals from seven alien civilizations.


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