Lucy & Sasha And The Search For Food

…it never ends

The Doclopedia #443

The Alphabet, Again: R is for…Rumsucker

If there is one thing that most pirates fear above all others, it is that ghastly creature known as the Rumsucker. As the name implies, it can drink prodigious amounts of rum, leaving a pirate crew in a totally bewildering state of sobriety. Worse yet, the Rumsucker is very hard to detect, due to it possessing the ability to shapeshift into any form. A Rumsucker might look like an empty box, a coil of rope or even one of the crew.

Oddly, for a creature who spends so much time on ships at sea, Rumsuckers are terrible swimmers. They will try in any way they can to get from one ship to another without getting into the water. If a Rumsucker does fall in, it has maybe 3 or 4 minutes before it drowns.

The Doclopedia #444

The Alphabet, Again: R is for…Rantor The Terrible

Rantor the Terrible was the ruler of Animal Earth for 23 years. He was a huge bull elephant, feared by all. He was also pretty much insane and would kill you as soon as look at you.

One day, a sly little cat came to him and told him that up on the High Plateau, all of the animals mocked him. This sent Rantor into a rage and he ordered his people to find a way to get him up to the top of the up until then unclimable plateau so he could deal with these mocking animals.

After a few days, and with suggestions from that sly and very clever cat, a huge hot air balloon was created that could lift Rantor to the plateau. He got aboard and the balloon slowly lifted his huge bulk up to the high place, fully two thousand feet above the rest of the countryside. The animals below had been ordered to hold the balloon tethered, so that Rantor could come back down, but once he was on the plateau, the cat cut the rope and the balloon floated away.

The animals all were afraid, since Rantor’s wrath would be terrible. Then the cat pointed out that Rantor had no way of getting down. The animals rejoiced and there was much singing and dancing. Later, they named the little cat their king.

Which is, of course, what the cat wanted all the time.


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