The Rare And Beautiful Red Backed Swamp Gnu Of Potawango Island

…they are a new gnu

The Doclopedia #454

The Alphabet, Again: U is for…UrZib Spice

UrZib spice is a very rare spice made from the dried flower petals of the Zib Rose, which only grows high up near the tree line in the Drinafus Mountains. The Zib Rose is a miniature rose with no more than a half dozen flowers per plant. Since each flower only has four petals, it takes quite a few plants to even gather a pound of petals. Add in the extreme danger from rock slides, the weather, ferocious beasts & Mountain Trolls and you can see why UrZib spice is expensive stuff.

UrZib spice is used in many gourmet dishes, including Moogrot Stew, Boiled Samki Fowl, Pleeves with Kolb Sauce and most famously, Stuffed and Fried Covico Fish.

The Doclopedia #455

The Alphabet, Again: U is for…Underwear Of Monster Detection

Some Wizards have a pretty twisted sense of humor. So it was with whatever Wizard created the Underwear of Monster Detection. The underwear, which adapts itself to fit any humanoid creature that wears it, looks just like an ordinary pair of boxer shorts. They are reportedly quite comfortable…until a monster is within 100 feet of the wearer, at which point they bunch up very tightly, creating a painful wedgie that last a full 30 seconds. Despite the discomfort, these magical undies are a much sought after item, as they have saved many lives with their advance warning.

The Doclopedia #456

The Alphabet, Again: V is for…Venusian Devil Women

On June 1, 1957, Independent American Films released “Rocket X To Venus”, a medium budget film about four astronauts landing on the planet Venus. The poor downtrodden Venusians were being ruled by the evil Venusian Devil Women, who were tall, beautiful, well built and evil. Naturally, with the help of the earthmen, the Venusians rose up in rebellion and drove the Devil Women into exile.

The film made a huge profit and it didn’t take a genius to see that the Devil Women were the reason why. Armed with this knowledge, the studio made three sequels, “Devil Women Of Mars”, “Attack Of The Devil Women” and “Return Of The Devil Women”. All of the pictures made money, but fan interest died out when surf movies became the rage.

In 1995, Zony Pictures released “Return Of The Venusian Devil Women”, which combined the plots of the first and fourth movies. It raked in $425 million at the box office. At least two sequels are expected.


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