Dr. Silkmelon Goes On Holiday And Discovers A Lost City

…as he is wont to do from time to time

The Doclopedia #457

The Alphabet, Again: V is for…Vibroman

When he was accidentally bathed in vibronic radiation from an exploding UFO, college student Leo Zenkner gained the ability to make all or parts of his body vibrate at and speed he chose. Among his powers were the jackhammer punch, the ability to walk through walls, being hard to recognize & near impossible to hold onto and superspeed. Being a comic book fan from way back, Leo naturally made a costume and started fighting crime, an occupation that he was very good at.

It should also be noted that Leo, who was quite good looking and never had much problem meeting women, soon became a sexual partner of legendary proportions. It is even said that a few women, having experienced Leo’s vibratory lovemaking, were never satisfied with another man.

The Doclopedia #458

The Alphabet, Again: V is for…Veggie Land

In the Tooniverse, there is an entire continent called Veggie Land that is inhabited by anthropomorphic vegetables & fruits. It’s a pretty happy and wacky place, much like 95% of the Tooniverse is.

The rulers of Veggie Land are King Kaleus and his wife, Queen Cabbagetta. Other famous inhabitants of the kingdom are the famous film directors, Steven Spinachberg and George Lettuce…daring female pilot Amelia Artichokehart…Newsman Walter Cornkhite…actresses Drew Raspberrymore and Dame Maggie Squash…science fiction writer Isaac Applemov and the rock groups Electric Light Orange, Led Zucchini. They Might Be Tomatoes and Bruce Stringbean & The E Street Band.

Certain other royalty rule some areas of Veggie Land. The most notorious is Baron Bananaslovsky, who often teams up with Count Von Rutabaga to try and take control of the kingdom. Meanwhile, in Grovania, Countess Cherry and her Fruit Force work to stop the Baron’s evil plans.

Recent popular books in Veggie Land include “Harry Pepper and the Goblet of Fertilizer”, “How Green Was My Onion”, “The Old Man and the Pea” and “Parsley & Me”. Popular movies are “Star Fruit Wars”, “Green Bean Lantern”, “The Bean Identity” and “You Only Bloom Twice”.


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