Inventing Dangerous Shit For Fun & Profit

…sounds good to me

The Doclopedia #461

The Alphabet, Again: W is for…Wicked Sisterhood

NOTE: You can find out more about Andromeda Andropoulis here: )

The Wicked Sisterhood is a Victorian Era group of independently minded female criminals assembled by Andromeda Andropoulis, the greatest criminal mastermind of her day.

Andromeda (Andi Andi to her very close friends) met all of the women in her inner circle either while she was in boarding school or during her travels through Europe and the Americas. Each one of them is highly skilled in some field. Exactly when they began their sisterhood of crime is unknown, but in 1889 (when Andromeda would have been 26 years old) they killed Professor James Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime and assumed control of his organization.

Few other solid facts about the Wicked Sisterhood are known, at least to the public. It is rumored that they have crossed paths with Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Tempest, Fu Manchu and that enigmatic man known only as “The Doctor”. A section of a report by Secret Service agents West and Gordon suggests that she had criminal activities going in the United States, Mexico and Canada going as early as 1884. It has never been established if she was in fact responsible for stopping the Ripper murders in 1888, but Sherlock Holmes thinks she did. Other unproven rumors include the one that says the sisterhood captured and holds alive both Dr, Henry Jekyll and the alleged “invisible man”, Jack Griffin, supposedly for use in scientific experiments.

The Wicked Sisterhood is extremely pro-women and has secretly funneled money to many charities that aid women and girls. The deaths of several prominent men who had violent tendencies towards women was definitely the work of sisterhood assassins, since notes saying as much were left on the bodies.

Per both Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Tempest, the inner circle of the Wicked Sisterhood is…

Andrea Andropoulis, criminal mastermind and financial genius

Pearl Dixon, master chemist specializing in poisons & venoms

Ana Pires, expert in politics and world affairs

Elizabeth Anne Brendelton, actress and cat burglar

Minoko, expert in art and art forgery

Lilia Komar, seductress and interrogation specialist

Katrina Volnova, spy and assassin

The exact size of the organization is unknown, but believed to be “on all continents except Antarctica” and number “in the tens of thousands”.

The Doclopedia #462

The Alphabet, Again: X is for…X Force 7 Ultra

X Force 7 Ultra is the name of a very popular Japanese animated series on Earth 65. It follows the exploits of a team of seven young people, each with only two super powers, who work for the Department of Scientific Intelligence. Each week they look into a different threat caused by mad scientists, aliens, supernatural creatures or other young superhumans. The episodes run one hour long and the series is in the sixth year of production.

The Doclopedia #463

The Alphabet, Again: X is for…Xoonoo

One day on Earth 3, a spatial anomaly opened up and Xoonoo stepped through it. Nine feet tall, stockily built and looking like a cross between a Samoan wrestler, a tiger and a teddy bear, it soon turned out that Xoonoo was harmless, friendly and had a very limited vocabulary. He is also, as the militaries of several countries have found out, virtually indestructible and impossible to imprison.

Xoonoo spends most of his time just wandering around looking at things. When he sees people, he smiles, smacks his chest with his fist and says “Xoonoo!” in his deep and pleasant voice. If he likes something, such as waffles, he laughs and says “ZiZi!”. If he does not like something, such as beer, he frowns, shakes his head and says “Mugumbo!” He calls both dogs and cats “Weefee”, refers to any sort of aircraft as “Omma” and calls all humans “Teemoo”. Once in a while, he’ll start singing in his native language. Such songs are always happy and have a catchy tune. They can also last up to three days.

On June 15th, 2003, the Warsennian Conquest Fleet went into orbit around Earth. When the Grand High General landed to ask humans if they would surrender rather than die, Xoonoo, moving at an incredible speed, killed the Grand High General and all of those in his party. Xoonoo then went onboard their landing shuttle and did something that caused the entire fleet to fly into the sun. He then emerged and beat the shuttle into a pile of junk. When he was done, he looked at it and the dead Warsennians, said “Mugumbo!” in a most emphatic manner, then walked off singing a merry tune.

As a reward, the citizens of Earth gave Xoonoo a pile of 402,000 waffles. It took him three days to eat them all. He declared them “ZiZi!”

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