Not In This Issue: Creamed Peas, Mayan Gold Or Dilbys

…we could have used that Mayan gold

The Doclopedia #459

The Alphabet, Again: W is for…Waldo Brothers

In 1972, Harold and Matt Waldo, two brothers from Rumskyville, Ohio, came into a bit of money ($15,000.00) and decided to use it to travel around the country investigating strange legends and stuff like that. Armed with two 16mm movie cameras, several still cameras, some cassette recorders and a bunch of other items they thought might be useful, they set out to find the truth. Traveling in their trusty 1955 Ford pickup, they were far more successful than anyone ever dreamed.

In the wilds of Northern California, they not only filmed an entire village of sasquatches, they got copious hair, skin, blood and fecal samples. This lead to scientists admitting that Bigfoot was indeed real.

In Virginia, they were able to first film, then later capture the Mothman. It turned out that Mothman was a mutated human, the first of many that the brothers would encounter.

It took 5 weeks investigation in Wisconsin, but Harold & Matt were finally able to catch the Beast of Bray Road. This was the first of five werewolves that they would catch over the next 30 years.

Outside Ely, Nevada, the team was able to film almost an hour of footage of a UFO landing and the crew getting out to do some sort of surveying. Twenty six well documented sightings later, the US Government was forced to admit that UFOs had been visiting Earth since at least 1,500 BC.

When the guys managed to catch, document and radio tag the Loch Ness Monster, they won a 2.5 million pound prize from a group of UK cryptid hunting groups.

During their long career, the Waldo brothers also recorded 148 ghosts, staked 23 vampires, managed to chase the Jersey Devil into a bank vault and proved that the Royal Family of Britain were NOT Reptoids, but the Rupert Murdoch Family WAS.

The Doclopedia #460

The Alphabet, Again: W is for…Weasel #22

When an explosion destroyed the ConGen laboratory outside Portland, Oregon, the only lab animal that survived was Weasel #22, a weasel that had been injected with growth hormones. Almost immediately, the six foot long mustelid killed and ate a homeless person. In three days time, Weasel #22 was 15 feet long and eating a couple of humans a day. By the end of a week, he was 30 feet long and killing dozens of humans every day, although he seldom ate more than 3 or 4 of them.

Portland was in a state of panic by the time the military was called in. It took the Army and Air Force another 4 days to find the weasel, who was then 45 feet long and terrifyingly fast. Eventually, they killed Weasel #22 with a combination of napalm and hand grenades. Estimates are that the weasel killed 457 people and caused nearly a billion dollars in damages.


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