A Slacker Yak named Zack Hung His Pack On A Rack And Climbed A Stack Of Wax To Eat A Snack

…so jump back, Jack

The Doclopedia #464

The Alphabet, Again: X is for…X Dogs

On DogEarth 8, some dogs are mutants with superhuman powers. These dogs are shunned and feared by ordinary dogs, so they tend to live either in the shadows or hidden among the populace. A few mutants have been gathered together by Professor Xrovier, a mutant with very powerful telepathic powers, and they fight crime and evil mutants. They are based out of Professor Xrovier’s School for Gifted Pooches on Long Island, New Bark.

A few of these “X Dogs” are…

Stormy, an Afghan Hound who can control the weather
Beastly, a Terrier Mix who looks more like a bear or ape than a dog and has great strength & agility
Ice Hound, a Whippet who can create things out of ice
Cypups, a Beagle who can shoot powerful energy beams from his eyes
Woofarine, Labrador Retriever who has incredible reflexes, healing ability and senses, plus adamantium clad bones and long retractable adamantium claws.

The X Dogs sworn enemies are the League of Evil Mutant Mutts, lead by Magnetico, who has enormous magnetic powers.

The Doclopedia #465

The Alphabet, Again: Y is for…Yesterday Gate

Created at least 2,500 years ago by an unknown sorcerer, The Yesterday Gate resembles an ornate door frame that floats about 3 inches above the ground. It appears at random intervals, sometimes as long as a century and sometimes as short as a week, and at different places around the world. It stays in that spot for exactly 24 hours from the time anyone steps through it.

As the Yesterday Gate will inform anyone who sees it, it allows a person to go back in time exactly 24 hours. During that time, they can go anywhere they like and do whatever they want. When the 24 hours is up, they will find themselves at the spot where they entered the Gate, but 24 hours later. Depending upon what they did, history may or may not have been changed.

Only one person may enter the gate and after they do, it will disappear from sight, although it is still in the same spot. Amazingly, 98.5% of the people who have stepped through the Yesterday Gate have actually changed history. Of the 1.5% who have changed history, only two have changed it in a significant way.


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