Big Time Dog Wrestling

…with big time dogs!

The Doclopedia #466

The Alphabet, Again: Y is for…Yox

Yox is the New Drug that all Citizens should take!
Yox will make Citizens feel better!
Yox will increase productivity and Make Everything Better!
Yox has no side effects as determined by the Ministry of News!
Yox has added vitamins to ensure Citizen Health!
Yox will make Sex Time more rewarding!
Our Enemy does not have Yox! That is why they are Inferior and Godless!
All of Our Beloved Leaders take Yox twice a day!
Buy Yox at your Local Wellness Center!
Take Yox twice a day!

The Doclopedia #467

The Alphabet, Again: Y is for…Yellow Pirates

The most feared Air Pirates on SteamEarth 71 are the Yellow Pirates. Dressed entirely in neon yellow outfits, these pirates cruise around in unbelievably fast airships powered by some strange form of engine that seems to burn gasoline. They have been clocked at speeds as high as 50 knots!

Besides their fast ships, the Yellow Pirates use weapons not known anywhere else. The worst of these are the Smart Missiles, which release clouds of some sort of choking gas, and the Pain Cannon, that uses sound waves to cause several minutes of excruciating pain to everyone in the blast area.

Once a crew has been taken down by gas and pain, the Yellow pirates swarm about their ship and take everything of value. They have also been known to take passengers for ransom. Once the ship has been looted, the Yellow Pirate Captain gives each officer and crewman a twenty dollar gold piece “for your pain” and leaves two casks of fine wine “for your egos”. Then, with a bow and wave of his (her?) hat, the Captain leaves and the Yellow pirates are gone.

All of the various airfaring nations have large rewards out for the capture of even one Yellow Pirate. These total well over 10 million U.S. dollars. So far, nobody has been able to collect a penny of it. Of course, there are even larger rewards for the capture, dead or alive, of the Yellow Pirate Captain. It’s doubtful anyone is even trying for those.

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