The Strangely Romantic, Yet Also Philosophical, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Robotic Punkin’ Chunker

…co-starring her pet river otter, Susie

We start a new theme today, folks. Well, actually, it’s a revisit to a very old theme. Enjoy!

The Doclopedia #471

More Cats & Dogs Living Together: Hector & Felicity

Hector, a German Shepherd/Staffordshire Terrier mix, and Felicity, an American Shorthair, live in a world where the stupid humans created a virus that reduced their population from 8 billion to less than 10 million. Now, for wild animals, this was a great deal, since no humans meant they had plenty of new places to live and things to eat. For most domesticated animals, things weren’t so great. Oh, some did ok, pigs and goats in particular, but many saw some hard times before things stabilized.

Hector and Felicity were set free by their humans just before they died. Fortunately, they had been raised in the country, so being outside and even catching small animals as food was not unknown to them. Once they realized that there were no more humans around (at least, in their area), the two pets, who had been raised together since birth, started making their own way in the world. It has not been easy, but it hasn’t been terrible, either.

The two friends eat well and have found good dry places to stay most nights, thanks to all of those empty human houses. They have learned to stay well away from anywhere that smells like dog packs or large predators, especially tigers. Whenever possible, they travel with herds of horses, since a full grown horse is more than capable of killing a large predator, including tigers. They also travel with the huge mixed herds of cattle, dear, antelopes, goats and other hoofed mammals.

A few times, they have encountered humans and once spent several months with a woman and a girl, until they found a human village. For some reason, Hector & Felicity steer clear of human settlements. Maybe they’ve just grown to love the independent life.

The Doclopedia #472

More Cats & Dogs Living Together: Shag & Bonko

Shag and Bonko are the companions of Doctor Revon Winters, a famous biochemist and geneticist. Shag, a scruffy looking Persian cat, is 5 years old and Bonko, a terrier/poodle mix, is 6. Both have grown up in Revon’s home & laboratory and have traveled with him all over North America. They are good buddies and provide Revon and his assistants with plenty of laughs.

What nobody suspects is that Shag & Bonko are able to change shape and go out into the wide world looking for adventure, or maybe trouble, it’s hard to tell.

How they got their shapeshifting abilities is not known, but it also made them way smarter than the average dog or cat. When they shapeshift into their alternate forms, which look like small monkey/human mixes, they get even smarter. During their mostly nocturnal (thank Dog for doggie doors) outings, they have done everything from rescuing other dogs & cats to raiding a butcher shop to leading both the police and a gang of dope dealers on a merry chase. They have also been responsible for many sightings of aliens, apes and “miniature sasquatches”.


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