A Room Full Of Boobs

…I got through it by doing the breast stroke

The Doclopedia #473

More Cats & Dogs Living Together: Pee Wee & Skinny

On the same Pulp Era Dog & Cat Earth where you can find Bark Savage, the Dog of Bronze, you can also find Martino “Pee Wee” Pupinelli (smallish male mutt) and Hazel “Skinny” Katsenberg (female alley cat), a pair of grifters and small time thieves. These two scalawags work primarily out of New York City, but have been found as far afield as Miami, Chicago and Kansas City. They are wanted for questioning in over 30 towns and cities.

Due to a series of unfortunate misunderstandings, Pee Wee and Skinny are not on the best of terms with the Mob. Even worse, in order to escape the lethal wrath of a certain powerful crime boss in Chicago, they had to give up a great deal of information to the Shadower. This put them in the very bad position of being informants, which put them in the Shadower’s hip pocket. And just to put a soul crushing cherry on the cake of their misfortune, the Shadower told Bark Savage and several other crime fighters about their snitchley status, thereby leading to pretty much all of them using these two sad sacks as information sources and spies.

On the plus side, the crime fighters do pay for information and they tend to ignore minor contraventions of the law, so maybe life isn’t as bad as it could be.

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