It’s All Fun & Games Until You Piss Off The God Damn Batman

…at which point, he kicks your ass all over Gotham City

The Doclopedia #477

Seven Questions About…: Women

What is the difference between Women and breeder units?

Although they do resemble women, breeder units are not entirely organic. Many parts of them have been replaced with cybernetics. Unlike Women, breeder units recognize the superiority of men and know that their primary concerns are producing male babies (except when new breeder units are needed), tending to the home and giving their bodies willingly to men when asked.

What makes Women such fierce fighters?

Women are fierce fighters because they have the power of Satan and Liberalism coursing though their whorish veins.

Where should young Initiates go when Women attack the citadel?

Initiates to manhood should go to the Safe Rooms until the All Clear signal goes out. Young men are like a drug to Women, a drug that they constantly need to try and get to help them live their sinful lifestyle.

Why do the Women hate us so?

From even before the Righteous War, some Women have hated men who held our beloved and Godly Conservative views. They are mostly lesbians and atheists now, hating us even more than before because we live in the glory of God.

What do the Women do with males they capture?

The exact nature of their depraved treatment of Godly men is Restricted Knowledge, but it is almost certain that they subject them to sin and degradation and possibly eat them afterwards.

Sometimes, when the Women surround the citadel and pose in the nude before attacking, my mind grows all fuzzy. Why is that?

It is another of their sick liberal magicks, granted them by Satan or possibly a Clinton! Should you feel this way, you must run and lie with a breeder unit until you have cast the terrible lust from your body!

If, as the High Rulers say, we are superior to women, why do they always win in a fight and why are their numbers growing while ours dwindle?

What you speak is heresy! Report to the Re-education Center for proper mental realignment!


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