Chapter 379: In Which Our Hero Lures The Church Police Into A Clever Trap, Then Rides Off To Brag About It And Drink Port

…fie upon those Church Police!

The Doclopedia #478

Seven Questions About…: Bags Of Many Things

What exactly is a Bag of Many Things?

A Bag of Many Things is exactly that, a cloth bag about the size of a pillowcase that you can pull all sorts of things out of. These bags are quite common in the Tooniverse.

How many things can a Bag Of Many Things hold?

In theory, they can hold an infinite number of things, but in reality, most can hold no more that 1,384,297 things.

How is a Bag Of Many Things different from a Bag Of Holding?

First off, Bags of Holding are almost always found in the Dungeonverse. Secondly, a bag of holding has a rather limited interior volume, something like a 5 foot cube. Finally, you can only take out what was previously put into it.

On the other hand, Bags of Many Things can hold enough stuff to fill a large warehouse and they come pre filled.

Why is it so hard sometimes to get exactly what I want out of the Bag?

Most likely because you are a big dummy. See, getting what you WANT out of a Bag of Many Things is easier the smarter you are. Therefore, nitwits and feebs have a lesser chance of getting the item they reached in for. But cheer up! See, you ALWAYS get something out of the Bag, and if you are stupid enough, you’ll think what you pulled out is what you wanted in the first place.

I put a box of Portable Holes into my Bag Of Many Things and later, everything was gone. What

Well, you maroon, it’s obvious that everything fell out through the holes, isn’t it?

I’ve heard that there are specialized Bags Of Many Things. Is that true?

Oh yeah, you bet! A few examples would be: Bag of Many Spy Things…Bag of Many Yard Sale Things…Bag of Many Gardening Things…Bag of Many Explosive Things…Bag of Many Tool Shop Things

Where can I get a Bag Of Many Things?

Ask your friendly neighborhood Animator, or, if you prefer, steal one from some dimwitted dolt.


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