Goats In The Room Of Shoes

…on the Magic Bus

The Doclopedia #483

Seven Questions About…: Doc Tempest

What makes Doc Tempest so special?

Doc Tempest, like many of the astounding heroes & villains of our world, is a member of another branch of the human species, one that began to show up around 2,500 BCE in various parts of the world. By and large, these “New Humans” are stronger, smarter and possessed of better senses than ordinary homo sapiens.

When did the first Doc Tempest appear?

Technically, the first known case of anyone in the family using the last name “Tempest” would have been in 1634 when the pirate known as “Captain James Tempest” began attacking British and French ships. The first actual “Doctor Tempest” was William “Will” Tempest, who started his adventuring career in 1880 and who was the first Doc Tempest to begin having his adventures retold in in a magazine in 1884.

There are many unproven rumors that members of the Tempest family have been active in fighting crime prior to 1880. Some examples are the White Rider who operated from the mid 1660’s to almost 1702, the globe trotting master of disguise Miss Mystery and the terror of the British army during the War for Independence, the Masked Patriot.

How many Doc Tempests have their been and were they all really doctors?

There have been 8 Doc Tempests so far: Will, Jack, Nick, James, Kelli, Sean, Sally and Chris. In fact, all of them have been doctors, but only three of them were medical doctors. Two were engineers, one was a biologist, one was a parapsychologist and one was a chemist.

Are the stories in Doc Tempest Magazine and the graphic novels all true?

Yes, although at times names and dates have been changed. At other times, various governments have requested changes or even censorship of some of the stories.

Who were Doc Tempest for the longest and shortest times?

The longest running Doc Tempest was the second female Doc, Sally Tempest. She was active for one month shy of 30 years (October 1999-November 2029). She retired due to “getting too old for this shit” at age 55. The shortest term as Doc Tempest goes to Jack Tempest (June 1889-June 1906) at just 7 years. He was badly injured by Chinese sorcery just a couple of weeks before the great San Francisco earthquake. He did not die, but lost the use of one arm and eye.

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

All of the Doc Tempests have had access to incredible wealth and that means that they can afford armies of scientists and skilled craftsmen to build the gadgets, devices, transportation and equipment they need.

How much is the Tempest Foundation worth?

Nobody really knows, but in 2025, Forbes magazine guessed at a trillion dollars. Sally Tempest would neither confirm or deny that figure, but did say it was a very good guess.


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