Just Run And Don’t Ask Questions

…oh, how many times have I had to say that?

WooHoo! New Doclopedia theme starting up today, my little friends! Enjoy!

The Doclopedia # 485

Stuff You Need!: Steampunk Secret Agent

1: If you are a gentleman, your government issue walking stick. It will contain a sword or dagger, a compass, an 18 inch breathing tube and the ability to fire six .32 caliber rounds. Some walking sticks might contain other items.

2: If you are a lady, your government issue rings (1 with compass, 1 with 3 poisoned needles), Chinese fan (razor sharp edges), cameo broach (3 smoke capsules), and “cleavage gun” (to be hidden therein, 4 shot .22 caliber derringer).

3: Miniature steam powered spiderbomb. These will go in a straight line (including up walls or across ceilings) for up to 150 feet, then wait 10 seconds before exploding with the force of two sticks of dynamite.

4: Membership card in the International Adventurers Club. You would be surprised at the doors this will open.

5: A good pocket watch, preferably with a watch chain that can serve as handcuffs or garrote.

6: Government issue 9mm pistol and ammunition that can (and should) include normal, incendiary, tracer, explosive and paralyzing rounds.

7: Lockpicks, miniature camera, telegraph key & connecting wires, acid vial and difference engine codebreaker. All concealed in commonly carried objects.

8: Robot detection spectacles. Due to the recent rash of robots made to resemble humans, these are now standard issue.

The Doclopedia # 486

Stuff You Need!: Paranormal Investigator

1:The New Complete Guide To The Paranormal”, now available for e-readers, tablets and smart phones.

2: 20 megapixel, all weather, digital still/motion camera with instazoom, Rocksteady motion compensator and “all light” capability.

3: Orange Computers Opad 4 tablet with satellite linking and ParaNetwork interface.

4: At least two cell phones with fully charged batteries.

5: Handheld psi wave detector.

6: Specimen collection kits for ectoplasm, ET and cryptid samples.

7: Mark 7 Spengler-Stantz ghost traps.

8: Anti cryptid personal spray. (still in beta testing)

9: Good quality comfortable running shoes.