It’s All Fun & Games Until Han Shoots First

…which he did, George, and you know it.

The Doclopedia # 487

Stuff You Need!: Pulp Adventurer

1: Gadgets, lots and lots of gadgets hidden all over your person. Probably not good to think about what might happen if you get in an accident and they all go off at once.

2: A team of buddies who will drop everything to chase bad guys all over the world with you. Naturally, none of them can be married.

3: Cool methods of transportation, including, but not limited to: Big fast cars, small fast cars, boats & ships of all sizes, airplanes, autogyros, airships, motorcycles, submarines, personal locomotives and jet packs.

4: Money. Like, lots and lots of money. Sources could include Aztec, Mayan or Inca gold, lost pirate treasure, an unknown diamond mine, a warehouse full of gangster loot or a lost gold mine.

5: A totally cool headquarters and/or a hidden laboratory. The cool HQ should be right in the heart of a major city, but the hidden lab can be way to hell out in the boondocks.

The Doclopedia # 488

Stuff You Need!: Planetary Scout

1: A good dependable spaceship, preferably one with plenty of room for yourself, a crew and a whole bunch of supplies. Oh, and an excellent communications system, because you’ll be out on the frontier and you may need some help from time to time.

2: A ray gun of some sort, preferably with settings that go up to “Disintegrate That Motherfucker!”

3: A good and loyal crew, including at least one alien scientists, a scrappy young ensign and a wisecracking engineer.

4: A scout vehicle for use when you land on a planet. Could have wheels, could hover, could fly, but it damned sure better be fast enough to outrun huge alien creatures or hordes of pissed off aliens.

5: A robot or two. You can decide if you want a smart talking one or a dumb one that only knows like, six words.

6: A good force field on your ship, for when things go south on you and you need extra protection.


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