It’s My Party And I’ll Re-Animate The Dead If I Want To!

…not a top forty song.

Here’s the last post for the Stuff You Need! theme. Tomorrow, I’ll start one that I’ve wanted to do for a long time: The Potawango Island Bestiary. See ya then, folks!

The Doclopedia # 491

Stuff You Need!: Primitive Cave Dweller

1: Fire! Fire good, until fire get out of control, then caveman in big trouble.

2: Woman! Woman very good, except for sometimes during month when woman get very scary.

3: Small rocks to throw at other cavemen who stare too long at your woman.

4: Club to smash heads of small animals or cavemen who can dodge small rocks.

5: Animal skins to wear and stay warm. Remove from animal first.

6: Spears to stab and kill big animals that you can eat or big animals that can eat you.

7: Dogs! Dogs probably as smart as caveman, plus warm to sleep next to.


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