The Incredible Giant Dwarf

…he’s like, 6 feet tall

The Doclopedia #498

The Potawango Island Bestiary, Part One: Colorful Feathered Tree Pigs

From the notebook of Dr. Thaddeus Silkmelon:

Another wonderful day on this wonderful island! This morning, we (myself, Abner, Miss Abigail, Mrs. Hardapple, Smiffy, Colonel Orpington, seven of our ship’s crew, five natives, Percy and Fanny) set off for a fortnight of exploring the interior highlands of the island. It has proven to be an excellent day for walking and we are making good time despite my cataloging 14 new species of flora & fauna so far.

Certainly the most interesting of these were the Colorful Feathered Tree Pigs. While I am sure that they are not in fact Sus, they do bear a marked resemblance to them, once one gets past the feathers and the four toed feet that allow them to climb with great speed and agility.

The feathers come in a veritable rainbow of colors and are each about as long as my thumb. They cover the entire body with the exception of the face, which is typically pink and piggish looking. The aforementioned feet have two of the toes pointing forward and two pointing back, much like a chameleon. We watched at least thirty of the pigs, who look to weigh about 30 or 40 pounds each, scurrying about in a group of fruit trees. It would seem that the young are precocious, since we saw several tiny babies climbing along behind their mothers.

We saw no nests, but our guide told us that the pigs nested in the deeper woods in huge Tangled Oak Trees. When we return from the highlands, I shall investigate this.

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