The East Pidwin Fish Watchers Journal

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The Doclopedia #500

Five Hundredth Entry: Alternate Doclopedias

Since the very essence of our Doclopedia is covering subjects from many alternate universes, it stands to reason there should be other Doclopedias. Here are a few of them.

The Doc Doclopedia: This version covers only those people of interest who use the nickname “Doc”. Since it comes from a world where pulp type heroes are still going strong in the 21st century, there are a bunch of entries.

The Dark Doclopedia: This one has only entries of the foulest, most malign sort. The Doc Cross who created is a well known worshiper of Elder Gods and other strange beings. If you were to read even a small part of it, you would go quite insane.

The Erotic Doclopedia: The Doc who wrote this one decided to look only at sexual practices across the multiverse. It’s a real eye opener, you bet. Did you know that Klingons have no term for “rough sex”?

The Feminine Doclopedia: There are, of course, female versions of Doc Cross. Most of them are quite homely and all of them are a bit mental, but one has written a very interesting version of the Doclopedia, with a point of view as feminine as this one is masculine.

The Doc Cross Doclopedia: Yeah, you guessed it, this one is just about the various iterations of Your Humble Narrator. Not quite as mind roasting as the Dark Doclopedia, nor as hormone stimulating as the Erotic Doclopedia, it is nonetheless suggested for readers over the age of 40.

The Dog Doclopedia: As we’ve seen in our Doclopedia, there are countless worlds where dogs and/or cats rule the roost. On at least one of them, there is a canine version of Doc Cross. His Doclopedia is written from a decidedly doggish point of view.

The Dociverse Doclopedia: In the universe where Doc is the big deity on the block (hey, DOCiverse?), they call this book “The Holy Bible”. Every religion uses it, because there are no Non-Docian religions. Doc don’t play that game.


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