No Devils Here!

…despite the rumors you’ve heard.

Today, we start a new theme on the Doclopedia: Sort Of Cool Magical Rings. You know, rings that do fairly useful stuff, but aren’t in the same class as the One Ring or a Ring of Fireballs.

The Doclopedia #506

Sort Of Cool Magical Rings: Ring of Clean Feet

This wonderful ring will ensure that no matter have far you walk, no matter what you walk through and no matter what sort of footwear you wear, your feet will always be dry, clean and nice smelling. Believe us, at the end of a day looting a dungeon or tramping around a big city or walking into the home country of some Dark Lord, you’ll appreciate having nice clean feet. For that matter, your traveling companions will appreciate it even more.

What it looks like: Gold & onyx ring with a foot symbol engraved on it.

The Doclopedia #507

Sort Of Cool Magical Rings: Ring of Simple Juggling

Even if you have no talent as a juggler, this ring will allows you to juggle three ordinary objects perfectly. Please note that swords, hand grenades, cats and watermelons are not “ordinary objects”. Also, juggling perfectly means no fancy tricks and no partners.

What it looks like: Braided copper wire with an opal set in it.

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