No Jackals Allowed

…due to protests by the Vultures Union

The Doclopedia #518

Magical Items For Modern Mages: Ring Of The Nice Doggie

Dogs are wonderful animals and most of us love them…until we are getting chased by attack dogs, trying to silence a yappy little watch dog or staring into the face of a pack of wolves that guard someplace we need to get into. This ring will change all that. Slip it on your finger and every member of the family Canidae is your friend. Please note that while this ring will counter the effects of spells on ordinary Canids, it won’t do squat when you’re up against supernatural creatures like werewolves, hell hounds or Japanese fox women.

What it looks like: Leather ring that looks like a tiny dog collar.

The Doclopedia #519

Magical Items For Modern Mages: Amulet Of Security Bypass

Ok, so much of modern technology shorts out when a wizard gets close to it. Much, but not all. Then there’s the whole “get close to it thing”. If those security cameras are way up high, they work just fine and if you need to get close to, say, a digital code box, you’re screwed.

That’s why you need this amulet! While wearing it, you not only won’t short out security systems, but you can breeze right through them. Cameras? They’ll show whatever face and body you want them to. Retinal or thumb print scans? Ditto. Metal detectors, code entry pads, security doors you don’t have a key for? No problem. Of course, for magical security measures, you’re on your own.

What it looks like: silicon ring covered in circuity and little blinking LEDs and LCDs.


One comment on “No Jackals Allowed

  1. Avis says:

    Another good set of stuff for my next game!

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