My Diary: The Years Of Sin 1968-2012

…I’m pretty fond of sinning

The Doclopedia #527

Women By The Numbers: 16…

…was the age at of SoVeen Prek Volunon became Empress of the 23 Worlds and Savior of the Sacred Way. Upon her ascension to the throne, she was made Commander In Chief of the 2.5 billion being strong Imperial Fleet, something she didn’t want to be, but Prime Minister DaaliYa Lis Booziran insisted that it was both tradition and necessary for the good of the 23 Worlds. SoVeen realized that this was true, but she still did not like it.

What SoVeen really wanted was to grant independence to the 23 Worlds, dissolve the Fleet, get rid of the insane bureaucracy and get the hell off of the throne ASAP. Sadly, she was stuck there until she could come up with a plan.

Luckily, a childhood friend Lort Magomom, had just joined the Scout Corps, whose job it was to find new planets worthy of conquest. Lort was a Ciberan, one of the smartest and most cunning of sentients in all the 23 Worlds. SoVeen confided her desires to him and he vowed to help her achieve them. With that in mind, he volunteered to scout out the Dark Sector, a portion of space that nobody had ventured into before. He was gone for three years.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, SoVeen began cautiously planting ideas into the heads of all of the various Ministers. “Wouldn’t it be better and more efficient if Ministry A were to absorb the responsibilities of Ministry B & C?”…”I’ve always thought you, Minister X, would be a far better Prime Minister than our current choice.”…”I could envision one overriding Ministry with you at the top, Minister J”. Within a couple of years, she and a few of her closest allies had turned the mighty bureaucracy into a seething pit of plotting, backstabbing and intrigue far beyond what it already was.

When Lort finally returned from the Dark Sector, he and his very loyal crew had a hell of a tale to tell the High Command and the Empress. Out there, deep in the Dark Sector, were a dozen worlds ripe for the taking. The only problem was, there was a militant race called the Gidoon that was heading toward those same worlds with conquest in their eyes. Naturally, he provided extensive reports, vid records, samples and the like to back up his story. The Fleet Commanders, hungry for action after near two centuries of peace, wanted to throw everything they had at the Gidoon, whose own fleet was less than half their size.

The Prime Minister and the rulers of the Great Houses of Commerce said that these 12 worlds must be made part of the Empire and exploited as soon as could be done. The pleaded for the Empress to let them send out a huge fleet of development ships, so as to colonize the worlds while the Fleet dealt with the Gidoon.

Naturally, SoVeen granted all of them their wishes and within six weeks, the Fleet was off. A month later, ninety thousand Development Ships and ten thousand Colonization ships followed them. Oddly, just a week later, the Ministries all turned on each other in a bloodbath that wiped out almost all of upper & middle management. Rather than give her approval of this, SoVeen had the survivors locked up and began slashing budgets for all of the Imperial Ministries, instead transferring their power to planetary and continental governments.

Out in the Dark Sector, it took 14 months for the Fleet and the various Commerce ships to reach the three systems that held the 12 New Worlds. The trip had taken longer than expected because all of the ships began experiencing system breakdowns. By the time they hit the 12 New Worlds, they were limping along. The Commerce ships had to land on the first world they came to, which was a cold and storm wracked place in the middle of an ice age. The Fleet was not so lucky, since they met up with the Gidoon, who outnumbered them about ten to one and were actually the reason for all of the breakdowns. It seems the Gidoon, a peaceful race that inhabited three of the 12 New Worlds, had been tipped off to the Fleet’s coming by their very good friend, Lort. They had seeded the Fleet with nanotech sabotage units as soon as it entered the Dark Sector. As the Fleet ships began to enter the final breakdown, the 2.5 billion beings that made up the Fleet Conquerors were relocated onto the ice age world and told to “work hard, survive and learn peace.

Once all of the hoopla was over, SoVeen granted full independence to all the 23 Worlds, dissolved the Empire and married Lort. The two of them now work as freelance scouts out in the Outer Sector and are as happy as two young people should be.



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