Three Girls In A Yellow Hotrod

…just looking for some trouble

The Doclopedia #532

 Worst. Smells. EVAR.: Demon Grease

 Any wizard or potionmaster on any of the magical Earths will tell you that they deal with some pretty nasty smells in the course of their work. They will also tell you that the worst smelling ingredient for a spell, potion or other magical recipe is demon grease. In fact, the smell of this terrible lubricant is the main reason that wizards and potionmasters live in isolated areas.

 As you might expect, demon grease is pretty expensive stuff due to it being very hard to make. First, you need to find a demonslayer, which could take quite some time and will definitely set you back a big chunk of money. Then there’s the whole hunting down and slaying of a nice fat demon, which is pretty damned iffy even for a demonslayer.

 After that, you need to harvest all of the various demon parts that can be used magically (and that is most of a demon) before you can start rendering down the fat. This takes a good week and is about as disgusting a job as you can imagine. Once you start rendering the fat, you need to cast certain spells to aid the process. Finally, you have a substance worth about 100 times more than gold, by weight.

It also smells so bad that most mages and their helpers have their sense of smell turned off before they deal with it. The exact smell is difficult to describe, but most of the wizards we know would rather be locked in a room with a rotting troll corpse covered in cat crap than smell demon grease.

 The Doclopedia #533

 Worst. Smells. EVAR.: Venusian Dinosaur Farts

 In Pulp Universe #7, Venus is a hot, humid and dangerous jungle planet just full of freaky looking dinosaur creatures. The whole place smells a bit less that pleasant most of the time and the dinosaurs are dangerous as all hell, but the very worst thing that can happen to you is to be anywhere near a Venusian dinosaur when it cuts the cheese.

The flatulence of these enormous creatures actually dissipates rather quickly, but for the first 30 seconds or so, it is terrible. How bad, you ask? So foul that it has been known to completely burn out the sense of smell for days, cause temporary insanity, cause nausea & vomiting and even knock a weak person into a coma lasting a day or two.


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