Never Hand A Monkey To A Drunk

…it’ll piss the monkey off

Woohoo! New Doclopedia theme!

The Doclopedia #542

 The Colors: Red

 Red is the fur color of the male Zertbeast, the apex predator of the great plains on the northern landmass of the planet Torsek 3. These big males weigh about 2,000 pounds and can be up to 15 feet long, including the 4 foot long tail. Their fangs, which are serrated, measure 6 inches long. Their claws are 3 inches long and razor sharp. A large male Zertbeast can hit 40 miles an hour on level ground and maintain that speed for half an hour. Their primary prey is the Golden Antelope, but they also feed regularly on Grey Leapers, Fatrats and young Gargantosaurs.

The Doclopedia #543

The Colors: Blue

 Blue was the primary costume color of the Blue Moose, the much loved Canadian superhero of the 1950’s and 60’s. He was nearly 7 feet tall, superbly muscled and extremely tough. His mutant ability to fly and sprout large electrified antlers made him the scourge of the criminal underworld. He was the subject of comic books, movies and a long running animated television show.

Around 1969, the Blue Moose seemed to be losing his powers. He was still a very imposing individual, but he used his flight and antlers much less. By 1973, he admitted to the world that he had lost those powers. However, by then, a new crop of superheroes was coming up and the Blue Moose helped them in any way he could, mostly by giving them the benefit of his years of experience.

In 1992, the Blue Moose announced his retirement and left the public eye. Nobody knows where he went or who he really was.

The Doclopedia #544

The Colors: Yellow

When the Deathclouds covered the world in 1830, they were bright yellow in color and nearly 100% toxic to anyone who had passed through puberty. Victims would breath in the toxin, then pretty much liquefy from the inside out. Only a very small percentage of adults survived, and they had shortened lifespans due to a variety of problems.

Fortunately, enough adults lived on to teach many of the surviving children how to live in this new world. Even so, in many places, they did not have adults and reverted to savagery. That is why now, in 1890, there are walled city states of the Educated surrounded by large Tribelands with whom they trade and have uneasy peace agreements.


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