Mr. Porkwaffle Wrestles A Very Large Lizard

…Lizard: 1, Porkwaffle: 0

The Doclopedia #551

Calling All Frogs: The Great Frog Of Goognor

Goognor is a small and mostly swampy kingdom. Those who live there are small and thin by human standards. They live in many simple villages on the islands in the swamps. In general, no other country would give a dragon’s fart about Groognor if it weren’t for the fact that it is home to the greatest density of Manastones on the planet. Now, you might wonder why some other country has not conquered Groognor in order to corner the market on the valuable sources of magical power. The answer is simple: The Great Frog won’t let them.

The Great Frog is an enormous monster that the Groognorians worship as a living god, and with good reason, since it has magical powers of the very highest order. With one croak, the Great Frog can call down a rain of fire onto anyone attacking his people. If fire doesn’t work, he can raise up an army of mud golems, terrible tornadoes, zombify the dead or any number of terrible spells. It has been 230 years since Groognor was last attacked.

So, protected by their 20 ton green and yellow amphibian god, the Groognorians trade Manastones for many imported items, but mostly for herds of cattle to keep The Great Frog well fed.



The Doclopedia #552

Calling All Frogs: Frog People From Outer Space!

If you had taken a poll in the fall of 2009 and asked viewers in the United States what they thought of a television series called “Frog People From Outer Space!”, most would have said “No way will I watch that.” The truth is, for the first three weeks, nobody did watch it. It was a ratings disaster…until clips from it began popping up on YourTubes. By the fifth episode, the show had jumped up 30 places in the ratings. By the eighth episode, it was the number one show on television.

The premise was disarmingly simple: several groups of science fiction nerds around the world get together and decide to fake an alien invasion of Earth using the internet, cellphone videos, phone calls to various authorities and people dressed up in costumes. Within a week of the first few posts, crackpots and loonies around the world take the idea and run with it, believing it all to be real. Soon, enough normal people (including several heads of state and military leaders) have seen the frog people to make the nightly news. From there, things only snowball.

The series was very funny and used every trick from satire to slapstick to get a laugh. There were many famous guest stars, including Vice President Barack Obama and physicist Stephen Hawking, whose response upon seeing a frog person face to face…”oh shit!”…is widely regarded as one of the biggest laughs in the entire series.

The series won tons of awards and ran exactly four seasons, which is what the creators planned on. The last episode revealed that actual aliens were planning to invade Earth, but ran off in fear of the mysterious frog people.



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