Madness Takes It’s Tollhouse Cookie

… Mmmm, madness cookies!

The Doclopedia #553

Calling All Frogs: Chameleon Frogs

These small (4 inch long) frogs are native to the forests of Simdolis, which are located in the far west of the Greenwood. They are very common to this area, but due to their magical chameleonic powers, seldom seen.

Chameleon Frogs cam not only mimic the colors and pattern of whatever they are on, but the texture as well. Many a traveler has put their hand on a tree, only to pull it away in shock because the rough bark was cool, damp and moving. Chameleon Frogs have even been known to mimic other creatures, particularly the deadly poisonous Land Urchin.

One of the few predators that can catch and eat Chameleon Frogs is the Big Nosed Shrew, which can smell the frogs and does not need to see them.

 Commercially, Chameleon Frogs have little value, even to potion makers.

The Doclopedia #554

Calling All Frogs: Flora & Fanny Frog

Flora & Fanny Frog are not only international cartoon stars, they are pillars of the community in Toonville. They are very active in charity work, civic improvement (always needed in a toon city) and toon rights. They are much beloved by their fellow toons, who hardly ever drop pianos on them.

Florinda and Fantasia Frogowitz were born May 12, 1922 in New York City, to a showbiz family. Their father and his brothers were a popular vaudeville act, the “Four Frogs” and their mother’s family were noted amphibian actors. When the girls hit the age of 10, they packed their bags and headed out to Hollywood, where they signed on with the Flusher Brothers Studio.

Over the course of their 50 year career, Flora & Fanny starred in 130 cartoons and guest starred in 40 more. They made three feature length films, winning Best Animated Actresses in 1951 for “London Frog”. They also made nearly 200 television appearances.

In 1978, they got a star on the Toonville Walk of Fame.