The Rare And Beautiful Blue Stinking Poppies Of Potawango Island

…breathtakingly beautiful, but WHEW!


The Doclopedia #555

Calling All Frogs: Sewer Frogs

In one of the many steampunk universes, a group of young genius criminals/heroes operate out of the Old Sewers of 1902 Paris. The Old Sewers were abandoned when the new, steam pump driven sewer system went into use. There are miles of Old Sewer tunnels now that are mostly used for storm drainage. Mostly, but not all.

The Sewer Frogs, whose name is meant to infuriate both the French and British establishments (although for different reasons), have established laboratories, living quarters and other areas in the Old Sewers as well as basements and abandoned buildings. They also have an installation in London that is similarly set up.

From time to time, the Sewer Frogs emerge into the light of day (or dark of night) with some sort of Infernal Device and a plan to stir things up with the government and the bourgeoisie. In recent months, this has included coating the financial district in a near impenetrable gel that dissolved after 5 days and releasing “flying robotic farting birds” into the skies above London. The Sewer Frogs also steal from the rich and give to the poor. That and the fact that they provide medical attention and plenty of humor via their tweaking of the government nose means that not too many ordinary folks seem to know anything when the police come around with questions

The Sewer Frogs all dress exactly alike when out in public: Green pants and shirt, black shoes and gloves and a green head covering mask with a black frog design on the forehead.