Not In This Issue: Flying Snakes, Nematodes or Radish Stew

…nothing about salamanders, either.

The Doclopedia #568

More Islands Of Adventure: The Island Of A Thousand Smokes

This island is almost perfectly round and has very steep sides due to it being the top of an old volcano. The crater at the top, measuring almost 5 miles across, is home to a fertile and temperate valley that lies about 100 feet below the crater rim. It is home to many species of birds, including some very large flightless varieties, many reptiles (mostly lizards & snakes) and lots of insects. The only mammals in the crater are bats, although seals and sea lions do gather on the very few small beaches along the islands shore.

The island gets it’s name from the hundreds of steam vents along the outside cliffs. Very few attempts have been made to climb to the top of the island, because it is so dangerous, high and everyone thinks the volcano is still active.

The Doclopedia #569

More Islands Of Adventure: The Mouse Islands

On the Earth where there are no humans, only anthropomorphic animals, the Mouse Islands are a very important place. Measuring from 2 miles by 1 mile down to a mere 700 feet across, these islands are found in the Great Inland Sea, which in our world would be Northern & Central California. There are 19 islands in the archipelago and an estimated 7 million mice live there. Their cities are wonderfully towering places built using Mouse Magic and composed mostly of pink and yellow marble. On many islands, the Mice are mostly farmers who grow great numbers of crops in the fertile soil and excellent climate.

Visitors to the Mouse Islands must be magically reduced in size and it is not uncommon for some of them to choose to live here. On West Moon island, there is a fairly large Grizzly Bear population and on Flower Island Dogs and Raccoons are part of the population.

The Mouse Islands can be reached by private boats or public ferries from most towns and cities along the Great Inland Sea shore.


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