Vile Steampunk Villains Taunted My Hydrangeas

…and made them cry!


The Doclopedia #572

The Stuff That’s Made Of Dreams: Nightmare Paint

Depending upon how it is formulated, nightmare paint can be used to merely make people feel uncomfortable or stricken with terrifying hallucinations that dive them to madness if they don’t get beyond the effect.

Making nightmare paint is, as you might imagine, fraught with danger. Get the formula off by even a small amount and you will end up screaming until your throat bleeds and you are mindless. Use too strong a nightmare and you risk opening a portal to places you don’t want to visit. Don’t EVER spill it on yourself or another human! You won’t live long enough to regret it.

Always remember that nightmare paint is meant for painting things that you want people to stay away from, like houses or buildings or, in at least one case, an entire small town. Want to keep people off of your property? Paint it on a few large rocks or fence posts. On your house, just use it on the trim. Protecting a hidden underground vault? Paint the tunnel leading to it and nobody will ever get more than halfway there.

DO NOT EVER use nightmare paint to paint a picture! No landscapes, no still life studies and sure as hell no portraits of ANY living creature, real or imaginary. Doing so will never end well.

The Doclopedia #573

The Stuff That’s Made Of Dreams: Slumber Cake

Oh yes, missymissy, we cans making you the slumber cake, yes! We cans take the dreaming pieces and mix ’em up goodygood! Pixies makes the bestest slumber cakes, we does we does! You eat ’em a slice, just tiny tiny, then you go into dreams you wantywant and have the funzyfun! Pixies bake ’em speciallyspecial slumber cake for you, filled with goodness and sweetness! You give us 6 pieces of shinyshiny silver, we go bakes ’em up right now! Ooh, shinyshiny! You waits now, drink herb tea and smell flowers! Pixies go working now, baking slumber cake!”


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