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The Doclopedia #578

Average Janes: Jane Nix, Hair Stylist

Hi there! How y’all doin’ today, hon? A little trim and a few questions? Why sure, I can do that. You just sit on down right here and we’ll get to clippin’ and jawin’.”

 Oh, I’ve been here for five years now. My Aunt Katy owns the place. Yes, goin’ on forty years now and for about twenty years before that, her mother in law, Mrs. Benton, owned the shop. This old place has seen some history, that’s for sure. And durin’ all that time, women have been coming in here yakkin’ about it.”

 Mutants? We just call ’em supers around here, but yeah, we get ’em. I figure we get about a couple of dozen of them regularly. Ain’t that right, Connie Mae, about two dozen supers? And I’ll tell you, there just as nice as anybody you’s want to meet. Of course, some of them are a bit challengin’ to work on.”

 Take that gal they call The Big Babe. She’s as sweet a lady as you’d want to meet. But she’s big enough to wrestle a gator one handed. None of our chairs fit her, so she brings in a big old steel chair to sit in. Then, because she’s 8 feet tall, we’ve gotta stand on a box to do her hair. I’ll tell you though, she has beautiful hair to work with, even if it is bright blue.”

 Then there’s Southern Thunder, that handsome fella from Alabama. We pert near fight over who gets to work on him! He’s a real gentleman and a great tipper. Every once in a while, he’ll even let loose with a thunderblast as he’s flyin’ away.That sure wakes up the neighborhood!” 

 The most challenging super to work on? Oh, that’d be the Red Avenger. She’s drop dead gorgeous, but so tough that we need to use wire cutters to trim her hair! I probably shouldn’t repeat it, but she also tell some good tales about which of the male supers are, you know, really super. Oh my lord, I hope my mama doesn’t read that.”



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